DocsApp provide essential building blocks to build your very own documentation site.

Document Versioning

As your product grow and adding more features, your documentation grow as well. DocsApp provide seamless way to fork your existing documentation and evolve. You can keep old documentations around for various purposes.

Customizing Appearance

DocsApp provide a platform you customize your documentation site easily so you can create style according to your brand.

Custom Page

DocsApp provide a feature that allow your to create custom page. Custom page is useful to publish static page such as Contact Us, or FAQ page.


DocsApp provide Forum module to support various type of usage such as Support Forum and Feature Request Forum. This remove the need of third party Forum as well as seamless integration of Documentation and Forum in one system.

And More

DocsApp is growing fast and we are looking for any feedbacks to improve our platform. Contact us for feedback or any suggestion.